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I'm a professional public speaker and trainer with areas of expertise on power based violence, anti-oppression, and equity. I have spoken at many state and national conferences and served as a community educator for 10 years.
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This was the best DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) training I have ever been to!!
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My approach

1. Interactive

Students learn more when courses are interactive and engaging. I make sure to include multiple learning styles to enhance your experience as a learner.

2. Storyteller

I have learned that stories have an impact. Not only is this a more indigenous approach to training/education, it is also impactful. People often leave feedback on my trainings about the importance of real lived experience that I share.

3. Creative

Whether I design a customized course for you or you take one of my available courses; I pour creativity into my content. I will never talk at you. I believe in hands on unique ways to learn.

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